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Top 10 Sports Pet Peeves

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10: when fans use the word "we" when referring to their favorite team. "we" didn't do anything the players did not us.

9. Players that point to the sky after hitting a home run or scoring a goal

8. Cheaters (steroids, stealing signs, etc)

7. Fans who throw things on the field. Or even worse, run on the field.

6. Baserunners that run through the mound! (A-Rod)

5. When players or coaches use the term "one game at a time". Is it possible to play more than one game at the same time?

4. Fans who attend a game just to receive a special promotion. (bobblehead)

3. Rainouts or Blackouts. (Raiders)

2. Athletes who make millions of dollars and several years later are broke

1. Athletes who point their fingers as if they were guns. ( Ask GIlbert Arenas what happens)


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