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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My biggest Pet Peeve is not having enough hours in the day!!! This drives me beyond crazy.. actually makes me grouchy and stressed out!!!!!! I wake up at 6am everyday and stay awake till about 12am, how is that not enough hours to do all I need to do. Lets take this week for example I need to prepare three presentations, prepare for an interview, get ready for finals, and get my nose piercing changed, see my boyfriend, get ready for senior apperication and on top of all this study for my classes. On top of all this finish my graduation announcements and invitations ready to be sent out!!! Who has enough time to do all of this.. I know I sure dont and thats what bothers me!!! Oh and top of it all finding time to workout!

Tell me what your days entail and if you have enough time in the day and how you get it ALL done!!!!

Pet Peeve: Not enough time!!!


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