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Do you hear that crying?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Imagine this...you're ending one of those stressful week's at work. It's Friday afternoon and you've got dinner plans at your favorite restaurant. You think to yourself, this is just what I need after my douchebag boss gave me more work than humanely possible. The work day has finally come to an end and you make your way to the restaurant to meet your friends. When you walk in, you immediately approach the bar to order your favorite wind-down drink. You get seated, order your meal and finally relax. The meal that you have been anticipating all day has finally arrived. You pick up your fork to take that first bite and are alarmed to hear the excruciating cry of a nearby toddler. You expect the parents to attempt to calm the crying toddler, yet your expectations are crushed!! What seems like eternity passes by, the toddler is still crying, and the parents seem to be happily enjoying their meal.
Did I miss something? Does this bother anyone else?
Don't you just hate that.
Pet Peeve #1: Crying babies with irresponsible parents


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