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Talking With Your Mouth Full...Nasty!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Picture this, you're sitting at the dinner table of a fine gourmet restaurant about to stuff your face with delicious delectables. Your huge appetite craves for the satisfaction of digesting a nice, juicy, smoke house steak with a buttery spread of mash potatoes and a tall glass of wine. The waiter being unconscious to speed, prolongs time as she hands you the plate, and all of a sudden it happens...the person you're sitting across from speaks with his/her mouth filled with food and you end up seeing chicken bites rolling around causing you to lose your appetite. Have you ever thought...OMG!! How disgusting, go back to the pasture and act like a cow, if you're going to chew like one??? I would have to say that this is by far my number one pet peeve.

Have you ever had the same experience???


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