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pick a station already!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm not one to bug about the music we listen to, as long as we can listen to it on a consistent basis. Given, it's not my car and you have all the authority to listen to what you want. But, COME ON, changing the radio station the entire ride, at least 20 minutes each way, is really not pleasant to my ears. If you really don't enjoy anything on the radio AT ALL, SHUT IT OFF! I much rather sit and have a convo without the annoyance of an ever-changing station in the background. Definitely NOT music to my ears.
You really do have more than a few options, other than the 36 channels you've just flipped through, TWICE!
If you want me to list them I can.
Anyone else have any friends/associates that have the same a.d.d., channel flipping, issue?
PLEASE share below!


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