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Just one more drink....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

You're at a great party, the DJ is playing, everyone is dancing, the room is full of friends and people. You have been drinking all night, beer... shots... mixed drinks... you're feeling pretty good, having an amazing time. You finish the drink you just made and your favorite song comes on so you dance, dance, dance and you get so into it you just keep dancing. Finally, it's time to go get another cup of beer out of the keg.... you're walking over, you are so thirsty from all the dancing and can taste the beer in your mouth. You walk up to the keg to see two people in front of you.. both men. They each fill up their cup, but as the second guy is filling you see less and less is coming out... he keeps going and cleans the keg out dry. You are so upset by what just happened.. he turns and says, "Guess there's no more.. you should have refilled sooner..." you had no words to say back. You look and look for something more to drink, not because you want alcohol, just simply because you are thirsty.. all the bottles of alcohol and sodas are cleaned out. You just didn't know what to do.. you drink some water from the tap and go about your night. But don't you just hate it when someone is rude about drinking the last bit of alcohol or drinks at a party.

Pet Peeve: Rude people who finish the last bit of alcohol and say sarcastic things about it!


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