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Getting Fruit on Halloween

Friday, May 28, 2010

Halloween is a time for scary movies, creepy costumes and most of all CANDY. It's the one day we can pig out and recieve free delicious treats. As a kid my favorite holiday was Halloween because i loved getting bags and bags full of candy, but one thing i hated was neighbors who handed out fruit. I didn't want any stickin fruit. If I wanted to eat an apple, I would eat my own damn apples. It's even worse if you've had the kind of parents that didn't allow junk food, except around the holidays. People who usually hand out fruit are the ones who either one forgot that it was halloween, and had to make a quick choice on what to pass out, or two its the extremely old grumpy grandparents who feel that candy is a waist of money, and all it does is rotten teeth. They ruin halloween for everyone. It's like the song says..."trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat..." it doesn't say give me some your best oranges and apples.

Has anyone else been screwed over on Halloween????


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