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Incorrect Drive Thru Orders

Friday, May 14, 2010

 When was the last time you've been in a rush to get somewhere and wanted a bite to eat? Have you ever stopped at a quick fast food joint made an order from the drive thru, and when you opened the bag, after you just driven off, noticed that the order you asked for wasn't the one you received? Have you ever been angry, upset, or pissed off because you paid for something you didn't want, and it's not like you have time to drive back and change it or make another order. If you can't get the orders right then why work there? The worst is when you get something that you're allergic to. For example, today I was in a hurry for my 7:00pm class, and decided to drop by Burger King and purchase a chicken sandwich. I proceeded to pay at the window and opened the bag only to discover that instead of a chicken sandwich she gave me a cheese burger and I've been allergic to cheese since I was little.


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