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Sunday, May 16, 2010

How disgusting is it to do your "doody" (number 1 or 2) in an unclean bathroom. Public places are one issue, you almost excuse it. However, stepping into an untidy bathroom in a personal dwelling is pretty nasty.

1) How do you use the bathroom yourself when it reeks of urine and there is hair all over the sink?
2) You know you're having guests over, why didn't you clean it up just a tad?


Does this bother anyone else?
This is a major booboo in my book. It makes me, and I sometimes do, want to gag. If I didn't have an uncontrollable urge bursting from my bladder for holding it so long to avoid such nastiness, I wouldn't use your unkempt facilities. But, unfortunately your lack of cleanliness just put a damper on my "doodies."
And if that's not bad enough, if I take a gander next to me towards the tub area, that dark gunk surrounding your bathtub and shower tiles is ever so appealing!!! NOT!
If you really can't afford cleaning supplies I can give you a tip: the dollar store is a hit for low-cost cleaning supplies. How hard could it really be to spray a little something here and there to avoid such nasty build-up? Mighty hard, apparently. I've had my share of dirty bathrooms to clean and I'd rather leave your abode, get in my car, drive home and use CLEAN facilities.
Please take my tip into consideration. Thanks.


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