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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Am I living in a country that doesn't speak English? Maybe you think you're calling a different country that doesn't speak English? If that's the case I think you should hang up, check the number again, including country code, and try that call one more time. Otherwise, I wish you could understand that you are calling a business in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Our national language is......ENGLISH. Perhaps you were mistaken? Or maybe when you got here no one told you that? Who knows?!?!

This has happened numerous times at my place of work. When I answer in-coming calls, I'm almost 100% sure I'm speaking English while doing so. So it just BAFFLES the heck outta me when someone responds with something other than English. Maybe they Googled me and found false information stating that I was multi-lingual and that I would LOVE for them to call my place of work and ramble on in their language.


PLEASE figure out that we live in AMERICA, and at least learn a few words to ask for something in English when calling a professional business. Thank You. Gracias. Kam ouen. Shukria. Obrigado. Grazie. Mahalo.


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