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Guitar Hero Sucks!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can someone please explain to me what is so fun about playing with a fake guitar? The little toy has every color of the rainbow on it and i'm supposed to push buttons to simulate a real guitar? Real guitars don't have any buttons on them whatsoever and they aren't this light. Also, the whole game is pushing whatever buttons the game tells you. On and on and on and on. Nonstop it keeps going and going. That is it. That is guitar hero for you. Nothing more. And yet people can stand there for hours playing the stupid game and they feel like their in an actual band. You can't be serious. If you want to feel like your in an actual band why don't you go out and actually create one. Nobody is going to be impressed because you know the difference between the color blue and red and because you push it repeatedly. The game is nothing but a complete waste of time.


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