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You're not the champ

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I’m sure you’ve met a friend or a certain person claim they can drink a crazy amount of alcohol and you just don’t believe them. Actually, some are quite impressive their digestive system seems to not be human and their somewhat amazing I might say. But when they start getting ridiculous and claim to drink 20 pints a night now that irks me! I have met some people give out a crazy number before but over on fark.com their saying that one in ten British drinkers can consume 20 pints a night. One in ten!? Maybe more like ten total in all of England would be a little more believable. Their making it seem like the neighbor, the mailman, the elementary school teacher, the doctor, the grandmother, and the little girl next door all are more than capable of drinking 20 pints a night. There’s no need to over exaggerate on the amount of alcohol that you can consume. You don’t get medals, trophies, or special awards for being able to do this nonhuman trait. I know their British but still….. Let me know if you agree with me or if im just plain wrong.

Pet Peeve # 18. " people who claim to drink an insane amount of alcohol"


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