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Mind Your Own Business!!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

While driving to work thinking about what my pet peeve for today was going to be... the perfect thing happened and it came to me!!! I just merged onto the freeway on my way to work and everything was looking perfect. I had 15 minutes till I needed to be at work, traffic was flowing perfect, it even looked like I would have time to stop at Starbucks and then suddenly.... everything came to a sudden stop for no reason at all. Now traveling in stop and go traffic at 2 miles an hour my idea of getting tea before my long day at work flew out the window. There was no reason this should be going on. Traveling at this speed for about a half of a mile frustrated I discovered the answer... A stalled vehicle with a flat tire pulled to the side accompanied by a tow truck and a CHP car. Really I just sat in traffic for 10 minutes, am now going to be a few minutes late to work for a car with a flat tire!!!!!!!!!! Don't you hate it when people can't mind there own business and mess up your day.

Pet Peeve #10: Rubberneckers


Shayne said...

Thank you!! I can't stand rubberneckers! 95% of the time, there is absolutely no reason that there should be traffic. I understand if there is an accident with cars piled up blocking the freeway then traffic is of course gonna be backed up. But the combination of overly cautious drivers slamming on their brakes when someone tries to merge and the person merging not knowing how to merge properly... not an acceptable reason. If everyone knew how to drive properly then there would be no traffic. But the worst of all is rubberneckers... the car is off the darn road, you've seen a flat tire before, and you've seen a CHP car before... DRIVE!!

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