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Always on Time!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today is the big day, that day you have been waiting for for months and months. You got the perfect shoes to match the perfect dress. The night is planned out perfectly, a nice dinner to celebrate your one year anniversary with the perfect man and then off to a special surprise planned your boyfriend. You spend all day getting your nails, makeup and hair done for the special night. You have reservations at your favorite restaurant at 830pm and he is picking you up at 700pm to ensure you arrive with time to spare. Your slip your last high heel on at 645pm, touch up your lip gloss and now your ready for the special night. You are anxiously awaiting the knock on the door, 5 mins goes by... then another 10, 15, mins pass. You glance at the clock and realize its 715 and still no sign of your date. You wait and wait and finally decide to pick up the phone and call him. It rings and rings and he finally picks up, you nervously asked "baby, where are you? We were suppose to leave 15 mins ago," He replies "Ill be there in 10 mins." You think to yourself he better have an amazing reason for being late. Your whole world comes crashing down... you just cant believe he could be late on your year anniversary, a very special day.. how could he take it so carelessly. He arrives 25 mins later with two dozens of pink and red roses in his suite and tie to make up for his mistake, but still how could he be late !!! Dont you just hate it when people are late!!!

Pet Peeve #2: Late people!!!


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