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Counting Sheep In The Theater

Friday, April 30, 2010

  Have you ever gone to the movies with someone who sleeps during the film, and afterwards expect you to regurgitate everthing they missed...Why buy a ticket and waist your money? Just wait until it comes out on DVD or demand. The slightly lit autitorium and comfortable seating can tempt even the strongest to being subdued into a sleepless dream state, but why ruin the movie experience for others and subject them to lisiten to your constant loud snoring. While were on the subject...let me take a moment to mention those who talk during the movie. How many people watched a film with motor mouth seating behind you. Have you ever just wanted to stable there mouth shut instead you don't say anything in the hopes of seeing someone else doing it first. Leave the scripting to the actors. Don't create your own storyline. :)

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