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I want to die!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have you had a haircut you didn't like? Well if you answered no to this question please send me your hair styler number but if you answered yes then you understand how frustrating it is when you get a bad haircut. At least for girls hair is very important so when you get a bad haircut you feel so frustrated you want to die thinking it will never grow back again. But what really upsets me is when you go to a hair salon for the first time, the hair styler charges you $60 and when you tell her you want certain style she starts asking you a bunch of questions trying to change your mind. And you find yourself thinking come on b... I'm paying you $60 for this haircut why don't you just do it the way I want.... o.k. finally you agree to do it the way she is telling you to do it and is the worst hair cut you have ever had. Well that has happened to me twice and I just wanted to scream and tell her to go back to cosmetology school and tell her that I am not going to pay for it....Well I end up paying and not screaming but I go home and cry for the rest of the day :(

Pet Peeve # 17 : Bad haircut

So if you had this experience please share or if you have good tips on how to avoid a bad haircut please do so I think is something all women can learn from it!!!


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