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You Don't Scare Me

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thugs.....so nineteen nineties, back when the hottest music was coming from Eminem, N'sync, and Britney Spears. You remember those days right? In those days you could wear a jacket three times your size and sag your pants because people would consider you a dangerous person. This is the year 2010, go to the store and buy some clothes that are actually your size. No more borrowing your older brother's clothes because they make you look "gangster." Maybe it's passable if you're 14 or 15 and trying to look intimidating at school. Ok maybe. But when you're in college or out in the working world, and you're still doing it, something is wrong with you. But wait, it gets worse. These "thugs" will be sagging their pants really low and so a person might think to themselves, "man this guy really needs a belt." But then you eventually see that they already have a belt on and its not keeping their pants up. I thought that's what they were for!? Point being, this is the year 2010 and its no longer cool to be having your pants down that low and wearing jackets that are definitely not your size.

Pet Peeve #4: "Thugs"


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