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I'll do it myself next time

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The purpose of making the trip to the grocery store is to restock on items which you are low or have no more of. But when the person bagging the groceries can't get it right than we have a HUGE problem. First we have those grocery baggers who use a bag for every single individual item that you have. I don't need to take twenty grocery bags home with me i'm sure that we can fit my things in a lot less bags then that. Let's take it easy on the environment as well. Then we have the problem which is the opposite of this when they fill my bags with way too many items and you guessed it. They rip on me when im trying to carry them and im left picking up my items which are rolling all over the place. I don't feel like recovering a fumble like in football with my own food. No thank you. And last but not least, the grocery baggers who put my shampoo or soap together with the food. It must be an honest mistake i suppose, either that or someone is trying to potentially poison me.


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