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Teachers Who Do Things At The Last Minute

Friday, April 9, 2010

Picture this, it's the beginning of a new school year and you just declared that this year would be the year that you will recieve A+'s in all of your classes. Time takes its course, it's now time for midterms. You stay up late studying hard for hours, constantly reviewing class notes and studying the book. You take the midterm and the results are in. You end up scoring high marks in all of your classes except for one, business calculus. The following day the professor for calculus announces, "due to everyone's poor grades, an extra credit assignment will be posted this weekend and due that following Monday." You think to yourself, great this is the perfect time for me to not only improve my grade, but to achieve my goal of possibly getting A's in all of my classes, thus increasing my GPA. It's Friday night and the most horrifying thing happens. Your computer will not start for some strange reason, so you decide to go to Kinko's tomorrow morning to printout the assignment from the internet. On Saturday, you arrive to Kinko's only to discover the assignment has not been posted. You check again that afternoon and it's still not posted. It's Sunday, Mothers Day, your day is packed with plans to spend the entire day with family and friends, but you still manage to squeeze in time in the morning to drive to Kinko's. You check and the extra credit assignment is still not posted. It's Monday, you arrive to class feeling extremely upset especially when you find out from fellow classmates that the professor didn't post it until the night before it was due, and all of your efforts leads up to you not turning in the assignment. Has anyone else fallen into the same situation!!!

Pet Peeve #3: Professor's who Procrastinate


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