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Do you see me talking?

Monday, April 26, 2010

I can 't recall how many times I've been interrupted while I was clearly using the phone. At times I thought it was only a work issue. In actuality, it's an anytime of day, anywhere, issue. The best times are when I'm at work, sarcastically speaking. As if I'm not bombarded with enough calls, from God knows who, it's my surrounding "admirers" that just can't get enough of me. Their pent up questions can't wait, literally, to be released into my obviously available ONE ear. At this point, I have a few options, and all but one is what I normally choose to do. I stare at my "admirer" and point to the large object attached to my ear which we call a phone, and mouth "on- the-phone." Some people mouth "sorry" and patiently wait, some will leave a note and walk away and some obnoxious people choose to rant to me anyways! Hi, my name is "I'm not on the phone, it's just for show, please interrupt and chat with me."

Pet Peeve #20: trying to talk to me when I'm on the phone


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