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That's not fair!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

After a delicious meal, and a great waiter serving you at your favorite restaurant, you start asking yourself how much should I tip my waiter? And of course because it was all perfect you decide to leave a good tip but what happens when it is a party of 6 or more?
Well, this is my story: My family and I decided to have dinner out to celebrate my father's birthday. We decided to try a new restaurant. We made reservations, for 9 people, a week in advance so we would not have to wait. When the day arrived, we decided to meet at the restaurant 15 minutes early. The time finally came and we were all there ready to get our table and our nightmare began!!! We had to wait about 50 minutes to get our table! What drove me crazy during the night was our waiter,who was the most disorganized waiter I have ever encountered. He got our order wrong, took hours to serve us water and bread, and on top of that he was rude. Therefore, I thought to myself he did not deserve a good tip.Well that was not in my hands this time because when the check arrived it had an 18% gratuity that turned out to be close to $80 and all I could say was: That is not fair!!!!

Pet Peeve # 5 : How much should we tip?


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