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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everyone that plays or has played sports know that there is always going to be a trash talker among the group. The one who brags when he or she does anything right even if its the smallest of things like making a little pass here and there or even if the ball bounces off their face and it goes the right way they will take all the credit in the world. "I meant to do that". or "It's all part of the show". And for everyone else's sake you better hope that the trash talker is losing because you will never hear the end of it. Left and right they will ALWAYS find something to say to put down the other team. I guess if your on the trash talker's team your safe unless you try and yell at them for doing something wrong. But don't worry, defeat the trash talker and enjoy the sweet sound of silence after the game is done and everyone is walking off the field or court. Unless your wearing earplugs while playing, the only way to shut them up is by defeating them. Better get ready.

Pet Peeve # 19: Trash Talkers


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