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Old Cheaters

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Everyone has cheated at some point in their lives. But when your over 60 years old and still trying to pull things well that just makes you evil. Here we have a 69 year old man who just got way too greedy. Not only did he try and win first place in his over 60 marathon. But he tried to do it like Usain Bolt did, in world record time! Wow, if your going to cheat don't make it so obvious as to have people questioning your world class speed at 69 years of age. What's even worse is that once he was caught he tried to play it off as he was injured and never intended on cheating in the first place. That's a double no no. First for cheating and then for not owning up to the fact that he was caught. And we're supposed to learn from our elders...


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